XinXiu Masterplan


Presenting the masterplan of our urban renewal design for the Xinxiu District located on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


The Bio-Bridge leading to the Twin Towers

Presenting the masterplan of our urban renewal design for the Xinxiu District located on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, a collaborative development by the joint partnership between REC Real Estate Group and Rockefeller Group. The masterplan aims to carefully convert the existing fabric from the 1960’s infrastructure into a novel model for modern bio-urbanity.

The shortage of land has pushed Shenzhen to move ahead of the nation in pursuing green and low-carbon urban development. Our masterplan for Xinxiu presents a way to establish a vibrant and smart urban intensification, which centres around the Shennan Rd, utilises the public parks as living rooms for the residents and activates Shawan River as an ecological leisure destination. With an efficient and flexible grid-plan, our masterplan triples the amount of building- and green areas.


XO Projects

Grounded on the synergy between human and nature, the three main building clusters will make planned space for nature to regenerate the area with the native ability. The green infrastructure is designed integrally with traffic and build areas, and each planned cluster is specific to the surrounding context.


Sunken Avenue – Central Island’s epicentre.

The underground water corridor and Yanhe river form the central island; a dozen of new dedicated pedestrian and green bridges connect the east and the west wing. The central island, marked with the new landmark of twin towers, is designed as a cloud city, with business, culture and creatives forming a vibrant communal hub. Residential east and west wings are clustered porously, allowing the green buffers to freely connect the green hills with the riverfront and making space for schools and public buildings. The blue highways circulate the water catchments into the abundant public parks while preventing the flooding.
The planning grid is site-specific and straightforward; it runs perpendicularly to the green and blue corridors, enabling the shortest passages for the pedestrians and greenery. The simplicity of the urban grid utilizes a sustainable urban conversion and a feasible land-subdivision.
The architecture serves the use and also accommodates existing natural ecologies. The network of green and blue landscapes links all the podiums and rooftops together. The form an integral, innovative nurturing system that offers a beneficial coexistence between human and nature again.


XinXiu Skyline
Masterplan – Aerial

The ShanShui structure comprises of a few simple, however efficient and staging flexible elements. By integrating the local context and optimising infrastructure into the new grid-plan, distinguished neighbourhoods are created; extending into Maowoling, Court Residences and Eco Village accommodate leafy areas for a multi-residential and public program.

drives the revitalisation of Xinxiu, with the crowing twin towers along Shennan Rd. Central Island is the main business, public, culture and leisure element. Building block retains a pragmatic grid-plan for offices and residences, whereby sunken avenue freely meanders in-between.

“All the roads lead to the Avenue” slogan describes the importance of the sunken, multileveled pedestrian street, which runs from the Rockefeller Group tower on the north towards the Cultural Building at the south of Central Island. A place to be and a place to go.

extends Green Courts and Eco Village towards the Central Island, that performs as a sponge element and major recreational and event-driven open-air destination. The Riverwalk is the new Xinxiu water promenade.

primarily works as a living room for Park Residences on the west. New masterplan adds additional recreational programs and link with the bio-bridges.

span from Maowoling to Park Residences and provide public and green platforms for native nature and pedestrians to retreat from the vibrant Xinxiu.

Include multi residences with rich green podiums and courtyards facing the sizeable recreational park.

The RiverWalk


The building density growth is matched with green and blue growth. The revitalized Xinxiu is a vibrant, self-sufficient district, offering 24/7 use of the urban programs. The core of the city is the new business and job placement, surrounded by various residential, public and leisure programs. They are interlocked with green and blue elements, which are intensified at the same scale as the building program
The distribution of the program supports the infrastructural access and capacities at their peaks, but it also allows the contextual integration. Ground bound programs cater for the full activation of Xinxiu area and include retail, civic and recreational services and all building entrances. Podiums are natural extensions of the street activation and are populated with the city-friendly activators. Residential and office towers are distinctively separated from the podiums and are tailored for the configuration of vertical communities.


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