W2 Residences & Shops

W2 Offices fronting W2 Residences


The development of Chengdu’s new district, Luxe Lake, began over two decades ago when Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group rezoned its greenfield land. Today, Luxe Lake stands as a vibrant residential, commercial, and recreational community located in Chengdu’s main growth corridor. It aims to create a high-quality suburban centre catering to the economic and lifestyle needs of Chengdu’s international business community. Luxe Lake harmonizes development with environmental stewardship, dedicating over 550 hectares to open spaces, including parks, forest preserves, existing orchards, lakes, and canals. The remaining land supports housing, a creative industry mixed-use town centre, an arts village, educational institutions, and a resort district.

W2 Entrance Plaza 


In 2021, XO Projects was commissioned to design a residential courtyard and shopping street on one of Luxe Lake’s few remaining development sites. The W2 parcel features a residential cluster of twelve mid-rise towers, ranging from 15 to stories, arranged around expansive green courtyards.

The eastern edge of the residential tower podiums shields the communal courtyard from the bustling pedestrian street. This shopping street enhances the pedestrian experience and serves commuters working in nearby headquarters. Each building along this linear strip hosts ground-level retail and communal hospitality services, with upper stories opening to the greenery of Luxe Lake’s parks.

W2 Offices and fine retail extending into the park


XO Projects introduced a unique design system that seamlessly integrates residential and commercial towers. The design utilizes a unitized ‘groove’ skin feature that wraps around the buildings’ perimeters, incorporating multilayered façade elements. This creates diverse micro-environments, terraces, green areas, and informal spaces for various uses. Integrated signage and lighting systems enhance both day and night.

The architectural identity is defined by repetitive and clustered balconies. The ‘groove’ device, central to the façade system, highlights the principle of stacked clusters of open or closed terraces, resulting in a varied yet cohesive visual effect that complements the urban hierarchy.

W2 residential towers with the semi-closed loggias


The W2 residential towers are envisioned as stacked and rotated terraces with pronounced edges, providing a distinct identity. While all buildings share the same systemic design code, each has a unique configuration, forming a cohesive design family.

The repetitive apartment floors remain consistent along the building’s height, while the projecting balconies—sometimes fully glazed and other times open with glazed balustrades—vary in rhythm, creating a dynamic aesthetic. The rounded edges of the stacked balconies feature integrated LED lighting, offering ambient night illumination.

The communal ground floors, part of the tower podiums, span two stories and feature stone façades. These ground floors open onto squares and plazas along the promenade, activating daily life for visitors and residents. Entrances, designed as recessed glazed lobbies with protruding canopies, are highlighted by single-curved, slanted wall elements with continuous ambient lighting diffused through parametrically designed perforated soffits.


The W2 commercial buildings employ a design system that creates a highly structured urban fabric. This includes a linear ground floor topped with playful protruding and recessed volumes. The ground floor opens fully to squares and plazas along the promenade, energizing the daily activities of visitors and residents.

The lively W2 promenade seamlessly blends the commercial and residential structures, serving as a vibrant pedestrian connector that integrates retail, hospitality, business, and residential spaces. Designed as an informal meeting place for various demographics, it offers pathways from the western green park to the eastern residential park.

Team and Schedule

Sunway International Corporation Chengdu serves as the collaborative executive architect, and Wide Horizon Architectural Design and Research Centre operates as the project management architect.

Renderings are made by SAN. HUASHI Group commenced the construction in 2023, with main structure completion scheduled for the end of 2024. Inhabitants are projected to move in by the end of 2026.








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