The Twin Gardens


The Twin Gardens complex is developed with the existing ingredients of the location at the southern residential fringe of Jakarta.

Like a green island in the middle of a frenetic landscape, the twin towers are deliberately lifted from the ground that is often exposed to the river over flooding.
The idea of the self-shading geometry and sun-screening are brought to life by simple geometric modularisation, where their tapering curves are revolving seamlessly through axial symmetry.

The usage of internal and external screens running along the whole facade, as well as the floor to ceiling doors and internal panels emphasize the idea of multi layerness and continuity that drive the whole design.

The Twin Gardens has been designed like a five star hotel, offering luxurious and spacious amenities to its residents.

The building is unashamedly modern in its pursuit of better living standards befitting the contemporary times in which we live, taking full advantage of all material and technological advancements currently available.

The tower is not the result of excess, but rather the site and the concerns for the neighbouring buildings and public amenity.

High-End Multi-residential
Client CCCC
Jakarta, Indonesia
Site area
9,809 m2
81,347 m2 (64,289 m2 excl. Carpark)

139.3 m / 35 l
309 units
Project $
$195 m
Status Town Planning
Competition (won)


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