Prague Magistrala


A study on converting Prague’s 3.6 km car infrastructure, along UNESCO’s world heritage listed central city border, into pedestrian oriented developments.

The analysis morphs the already planned conversion of the Magistrala into a pedestrian-friendly boulevard. The proposed development keeps the structure of the Magistrala largely intact, while softening the infrastructure border and proposing new crossings between the historical city core and its neighbors, which opens the boundary and leads to a re-inhabited centre and a reconnected city.

The 3.6 km stretch of the Magistrala will be converted into a continuous green art-landscape that will compete with the iconic Charles Bridge and its 30 sculptures to become a favorite destination in Prague.

Curated segments of the Magistrala could potentially host a city terrace, information centre, recreation field, cycling route, outdoor gallery and much more. The boulevard and its crossings will enable tourists to experience Prague beyond the historical centre.


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