Pagewood Court


The subject site sits on a contaminated former industrial site, covering an area of 18,908 m² at the nexus of residential and industrial precincts within Sydney’s inner south.

The project began initially as a master planning competition. It was recently granted a permit for development by the local council. The design takes the organisation of two seven-level ‘l’ formed apartment buildings next to existing industrial uses, surrounded by terraced townhouses which enable a softer annexation with the surrounding suburban form. Strong ESD principles and passive design have been integrated throughout the design process to provide a high level of amenity for every resident.

An innovative concept of at-grade parking with a raised podium landscape above has been employed within the design response to meet the challenges of ground contamination and parking space provision. Trees grow through the podium form to link the upper landscape with the ground, and provide light and ventilation to the at-grade car park beneath, enabling the soil underneath to self-heal and cleanse.

Conceptually, the scheme is based on the extension of the surrounding parklands into the site, with an undulating green topography forming an anchoring element for the residential buildings which float above. As a result, residents are provided with expansive landscaped areas and facilities on multiple levels, providing a unique community and living experience.

Multi-residential + townhouse
TMG Development
Pagewood, new south wales, Australia
Site area
18,908 m2

GFA 24,455 m2
Height 25.5 m
244 units (incl. 35 townhouses)
Project $
AUD $92.8 m
settled (masterplanning)


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