Nanning Science Centre


In the age of total augmentation, the science centre provides visitors with an inspirational journey of imagination and inspiration.

Curating the experience is the main role of this design. The organization of the centre is guided with the permeable flows of visitors, whereby external streetscapes are vertically folded into the inhabitable building skin, full of corridors and laneways.
Five programmatic attractors are strategically positioned into the building volume in order to conduct the lively mix of the public and semi-public events.

The pedestrian routing is defined within the inhabitable architectural device of the bifurcated structural columns which are shaped by the five energies of the Chinese tradition “qi” as well as the five operational areas provisioned by the program.

science centre
Quangxi institute
Nanning, Guangxi, China
Site area
7,000 m2

21.000 m2
Height 48 m
Project $
$56 m
competition (2nd)


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