Morrissey Hotel


The hotel in Jakarta, currently under construction, represents a significant shift in the understanding of the tourism customer, a move away from the branded hotel towards the idea of the “neighborhood hotel”.

This will be a place where the guest can choose their own experience and be immersed in the local environment and culture, while still enjoying the amenity and comfort of luxury resort-style accommodation.

The hotel, located in central Mentang between two of Jakarta’s famous streets – restaurant mecca Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim and good-time strip Jalan Jaksa, contributes to and reflects the recent revitalisation of Jakarta’s street life, by externally locating hotel facilities and arcades to create connections with pedestrians and the urban surrounds. The hotel mediates a connection between both streets by offering both hotel guests and the public dining options, from food trucks serving the local hawker style food and street snacks found on Jaksa, to diner, restaurant and café options more familiar to Wahid Hasyim.

Within the tower, all rooms feature the facilities of serviced apartments, increasing the flexibility to meet seasonal demands for either hotel short-stays or apartment long-stays. Similarly, the traditional centralised podium consisting of back of house services have been stacked in zoned layers merging on each floor, fore grounded and integrated with the front of house to aid efficiency. The services and communications of this hotel will feature highly technological advancements and integration, including smartphone apps for check-in and check-out. Likewise, the glass façade features a series of sunshades that remove all orthogonal incidence of sunlight – protecting the building from solar penetration.

Hotel + retail
Morrissey group
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Site area
11,727 m2
50,212 m2

Height 110.5 m / 26 l
Hotel rooms
306 rooms
settled (under construction)


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