The new resort apartments at Mooloolaba, a relatively hidden gem on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, takes a cherished part of our lifestyle to the next level – redefining the very essence – the ‘beachness’ – of vacations by the sea.

Rather than setting up barriers between visitors and the incredible natural assets that attract them to this area, we have sought to blur the lines and bring the beach into the resort.

This has been achieved through a significant urban landscape component that not only offers an extraordinary experience for guests, but makes a significant contribution to the Mooloolaba community. Working closely with our client, a long-term resident and business owner who is passionate about the area, as well as Oculus, the landscape architects, we have literally connected this resort to the beach beyond, through a new publicly accessible plaza and park.

The building itself is no less considered. Designed parametrically, the form spreads out into three wings that rotate on their central axis, optimizing light and views for everyone. The complex, living form appears almost facadeless; a silvery layering that blends seamlessly with the ocean and the sky. A void is carved out through the centre of the building, drawing in more light and creating a visual connection between all levels.

By researching how people holiday in this area, we have pushed the boundaries of resort hotel design, providing something for everyone. After strolling in from the beach, the immersive sense of relaxation continues up into every level. Family time is centered around the outdoor pool facilities on level 1. Each apartment even has its own balcony spa and we strategically removed all balcony columns to promote uninterrupted views.

Service apartment + hospitality + retail
Mooloolaba esplanade, Queensland, Australia
Site area
2,591 m2

195,306 m2 (158,377 m2 excl. Carpark)
Height 37.5 m / 12 l
160 units
Project $
AUD $67 m
design development
competition (winner)


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