Curating the shared interest for all stakeholders

XO Projects’ mission is away from continually imposing a signature agenda or style. Our preference is to give form to various habits of space and establish quality that addresses each culture subtly distinctive, tangible and desirable with each new building.

At XO Projects, we understand that every place has its unique quality and charm that make people want to return. In the best cities, this experience is felt on most street corners. We do the work to unleash these potentials with each client and location.

Our goal is to enable vision to collide with desire; business acumen with design capability.

Maximising life cycle value

Our disruptive future is virtual, but our existence is physical and real. Architecture now spans beyond the physical space we provide. Our thriving urbanity requires fast responses to its challenges, with the consideration for the now and the future. Financial, social and environmental legacies are currently assessed at every stage of the project, and we enjoy this achievement.



People buy our design, not because of the what but because of the how and the why.

At XO Projects, we start the design process by analysing, quantifying and visualising project-specific, constraints and challenges. Such base provides the comfort of offering the right answers. We simulate multiple scenarios to define the ‘first principle solution’ for each project individually. Our process starts scientifically and concludes artistically.

We balance the design solution that offers an investment value both short- and long term. Short-term value creation is necessary for the inception viability, while long-term raises the accountability and legacy of all stakeholders involved.

XO Projects strategise its design by absorbing local specificities and existing qualities while projecting towards a more securable and future-oriented solution. The results are affectionate and tailored for each location and each client individually.


Adding the extra

XO Project’s design mindset is collaborative and inclusive, allowing to practice a single call agency, delivering an extra-ordinary service. The design process is managed around the different modes of interactive stages with multiple stakeholders, industry experts and consultants at the earliest possible stage.

While the business demands dictate the strategic programmatic direction and product formation, XO Projects’ collaborative and lean approach allows the strategic decision making to be done transparently and in no time. The design process in place stimulates product improvements through all stages and warrants excellence at no additional costs.

Good design equals good business.



XO Projects is familiar with the concept of a user-first approach, and this empathetic attitude towards the creation of architecture is embedded in the commitment to create material designs that continue to be of value also into the future. Our solutions support pillars of the circular economy.

XO Project’s principles for the resilient architecture promote long durability and redundancy of building systems, high capacity for future flexibility and adaptability of use, environmentally responsive design, and local materials, parts and labour.



Our professional competence is based on understanding the industry pragmatics and the necessity to move forwards. XO Projects is proactively researching and contributing to the industry changes, offered by the hybridisation of space, nature, and technology.


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