Lara Bohinc


The design for at the Lara Bohinc Jewellery shop on Sloane Terrace in London was conceived around a three dimensional space-forming device that works as a lighting and holding element, but also provides an interface between the shop and the user of the shop.

The experience for the shopper is translated into a geometry by using the repetition of one three dimensional device, a modular wall element made from a vacuum-pressed composite element. With the repetition of this spatial device we also paid a unique homage to the famous modular partition walls by Erwin Hauer from the sixties.

The material design exclusively using black and gold colour provided an extremely luxurious touch and feel of the shop. The idea was not only to hint to luxury, ancient cultures and hidden treasures but also to create an unusual space without shadows. The only shadow is the one of the items displayed on shelves, vitrines and the jewellery table. This enables all the shiny jewellery items to stand out in a glamorous way.

Retail (interior refurbishment)
Lara Bohinc
London, Sloane Terrace, United Kingdom
Site area
20 m2

20 m2
built (2014)


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