Johor Bahru Racetrack


Johor motorsports (JMS) seeks to develop Johor circuit into a one of a kind motorsports resort & Eco Park. Johor circuit will be a destination track devoted to providing car enthusiasts a casual luxury / low intensity driving experience. Johor circuit – “the Monaco of Asean”.

Johor Circuit & Eco Park includes facilities of grade 2 race track, hotel and resort, car museum, exhibition and convention centre, Eco Park. Part of the redevelopment strategy is to increase the non-racing components around the racing perimeter, which will boost the not only the financing but also the liveliness of the race circuit. These includes residential, commercial and civic functions.

The regenerative landscape is designed around the principles of:

The natural restocking of existing forests & woodlands. The improvement of the quality of human life – pollution control, rebuilding natural habitats and ecosystems, mitigation of global warming, harvesting of resources.

Eco habitat
Our vision is to create an environment which promotes wildlife & native species to roam freely. Birds & native wildlife migrate with the seasons & bask in the lush forest lands of the Johor Eco Park.

Green power production
The transition to ecologically sustainable systems – renewable energy sources and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency. On site power generation with the vision of a ‘zero emission’ Eco Park & Circuit.

Water reclamation and transfer
A focus on water sensitive urban design creates a unique environment in which the site is self-sustainable, continuously providing renewable resource.

Business park & convention centre (masterplanning)
Johor Motorsports (JMS)
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Site area
1,006,000 m2

feasibility study


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