Jingle Bao


Jingle Bao was erected in IFC Mall, Hong Kong as part of Christmas festivities for the public in 2014/15.

IFC shopping mall is the gateway to central Hong Kong, the enjoyable efficiency of the express train from the airport ensures most visitors pass through the enormous, mixed-use complex. The pavilion was designed as an inhabitable interactive event space on the inside, and a translucent exhibit from the outside.

The 12 metre tall, 150 m2 snow dome was positioned centrally within the atrium of IFC Centre to greet visitors to the Mall.

The classic snow globe was the inspiration for the design, and through the use of parametric design processes, the resulting pavilion illustrates industrial design principles applied at an architectural scale. Over eight hundred uniquely shaped panels where produced, and in uniting these unique elements the core Christmas tenants of harmony and togetherness where established central to its theme, where the fa├žade is the narrative and the circulation between inside and out made this narrative an engaging and active experience.

Interactive pavilion
IFC mall / Showcase Ltd
IFC mall, Hong Kong
150 m2

Project $
built (2015)


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