Helsinki Corso


South Harbour is a bay and harbour area immediately next to the centre of the city of Helsinki. It is the largest passenger harbour in Finland, with 5.4 million passengers travelling through it every year.

The bay is bordered by the central city districts, which will have to be redeveloped with better connectivity and lighter, pedestrian friendly programmes.

Our urban scheme involves converting the bay edge into a larger, programmed district of pedestrian infrastructure – the new Helsinki Corso. It facilities new links with various areas of existing programs: terminals, the city market, parks and commerce. It also connects with new opportunities along its route: the new Guggenheim museum, art district, office blocks and new residential program.

New infrastructure includes extending pedestrian and bicycle routes that have been planned for the shore area of the Makasiini and Olympia Terminals toward the Corso of Helsinki.

The proposal includes opportunities for real estate developers and a partnership model to develop the area that extends from the Market Hall to the Olympic Pier.

Mixed used (masterplanning)
City of Helsinki
South harbour of Helsinki, Finland
Site area
82,000 m2
69,800 m2
open competition (entry )


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