Heidelberg Rd.


The Heidelberg School was an Australian art movement of the late 19th century. Works of the Heidelberg school are generally viewed as some of the first in western art to realistically and sensitively depict the Australian landscape as it actually exists.

The construction of the intense natural experience is instrumental for the design of the Heidelberger.
This design is placing urban dwelling amenities for 105 apartments into the typical Australian suburban context.

It dwells on the inclusion of the deep soil trees planted into the terraces of the building texture, which are supplementing the ground-bound townhouse experience. This spatial configuration is conditioning the distribution of living and sleeping rooms, each facing a tree.

The communal amenities are clustered along the reflection pool, which is extended into the landscaped roof. The rooftop includes communal gardening and open pool and spa services, extending the vertical landscaping of the man-made nature.

Giancorp Property Group
Alphington, Victoria
Site area
2,979 m2

19,098 m2 (13,397 m2 excl. Carpark)
Height 34.1 m / 9 l (-2 l)
Apartments 109 units
Project $
AUD $46 m
town planning


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