Guangzhou Headquarters


This urban design for a new technological park in Guangzhou has been developed in collaboration with architects and designers at Buro ii. It covers an area of 36 ha, with predominantly office and service apartment amenities. Guangzhou science city (GSC) is the core of Guangzhou’s hi-tech industrial development zone, in the Tianhe district.

GSC is developed with support from the Guangzhou government, with the aim to make the science city an important destination for i.t. R&Dd outsourcing in china. The ecologies of finance, phasing policies, branding values and marketing strategies are incorporated into the development of the urban design which borrows principles of mass customization from industrial design practices.

11 different tower prototypes are offering a range of development possibilities while maintaining the urban policy of the car-free areas, green and open reception lobbies and landscape-extended commercial areas. The street façades of the corporate towers can be customized according to the wishes of the tenants or owners.
Façade interfaces integrate passive air cooling shafts, split level floors for socially engaged environments and showrooms or meeting rooms for the companies.

Sustainable design is followed through from an urban to an architectural level, culminating with green-chimney natural ventilation principles. Dense stratification of building volumes allows for the preservation of 70 % of the existing subtropical forest while reaching all the proposed development goals.

Business park + residential + retail (masterplanning)
QSC, Guangzhou
Guangzhou, China
Site area
360,000 m2

460,000 m2
Height 15l
competition (2nd)


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