Grand Cascade


Grand cascades is a development in Gerbang Nusajaya, one of the five flagship zones within Iskandar Malaysia.

This location was chosen to be a catalyst residential development as part of the new masterplanned area, and the destination marker for the precinct. The site area is 30 minutes from Singapore’s CBD. The urban resolution is defined by the intersection of major roads and the sloped topography of the landscape, where the structure responds to the climatic conditions, which culminates in the formation of a complementary relationship between indoor and outdoor treatments.

The establishment of the green, pedestrian only courtyard shelters the condo users and generates a breezing micro-climate within the subtropical area.

The green parkland and garden offsets the activity at the car drop-off areas by enacting a micro-climate to cleanse the air and promote wellness, the green buffer provides privacy, and the forest mitigates surrounding noise. A river feature enables water to flow throughout the site, diverging into pooling areas to cool the residential entrances, ending at a cascading waterfall where the water is partially pumped back through the system.
The technologically-advanced, automated ‘smart-living’ areas are balanced by specific outdoor treatments to create a self-sustaining, catalytic hub.

People are prioritized by a pedestrian link the cuts through the parkland, along the river and between the buildings, which are parametrically designed to maximize cross-ventilation to maintain a comfort for people.

Residential + hotel + amenity
UEM Sunrise
Gerbang Nusajaya, Malaysia
Site area
22,257 m2
635,394 m2 (39,2862 m2 excl. Carpark)

Height 81.2 m / 11 l (-2l)
333 units
Project $
sketch design
competition (on-hold)


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