EQ Tower


The skyscraper is developed by ICD Property group in conjunction with Sino-Ocean Land.

Designed to accommodate 633 apartment dwellings, the residential skyscraper will reach a height of 202.7 meters (665 feet) and comprise 63 floors. Construction on Eq. Tower commenced in February, 2015, and got completed in 2017.

The main feature is the seamless transition between balconies and winter gardens, while absorbing aerodynamics, efficiencies, and viewing aspects; after 24 storeys at this location, we need to enclose balconies to ensure comfort for residents so we created gill-like structures that still allow for interaction with the elements. Specially sourced low emissivity glass with a directional oxide coating means that the building interacts with the sun, constantly changing with color and light. When the sun is low, the glass glows with a pinkish hue, when it’s high – it reflects the sky.

residential + retail + commercial
ICD property
Melbourne CBD, Australia
Site area
1,896 m2
GFA 46,905 m2
Height 202 m / 63 l

632 units
Project $
AUD $330 m


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