Epsom Park


The subject site is a significantly large and strategically important parcel of land that is located in between two major roadways, a public transport spine and adjacent to an existing activity centre. The site is also located along the Flemington railway line and opposite the showground station. This presents the site with future linkage opportunities to railway infrastructure.

The site is currently zoned for industrial purposes. The site’s life span for its current zone is limited with the majority of the site currently vacant. The nature of the site, its size and its strategic attributes present a significant opportunity for its redevelopment to provide for a mix of land uses that will complement the existing and future community by way of housing, diversity and employment opportunities.

Given the size of the site, it is possible for it to accommodate a range of residential and employment, generating land uses as well as providing facilities that can be utilised by existing and future communities such as open space and community facilities.

It is a rare opportunity in an established urban area to have a site of this size with these strategic attributes that is ready for redevelopment. The proposed redevelopment will not only provide future opportunities for the site but will also provide an urban renewal and repair opportunity for this precinct that will create future opportunities for existing and new residents in a very desirable well-serviced part of the metropolitan area.

Mixed used (masterplanning)
Giancorp Property Group
Flemington, Victoria, Australia
Site area
22,747 m2
110,880 m2

67.5 m / 16l
approx. 900 units
Hotel rooms
150 rooms
Project $
AUD $263 m


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