Epping Central


The Epping masterplan proposes a residential-lead, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood incorporating a concentrated and distinct retail zone.

A new pedestrian link (the green spine), a dominant component of the varied green infrastructure network, is a broad linear open space feature running east-west through the center of the Precinct. Bridging enables the spine to pass through the train station and over an arterial road, forming a continuous, permeable, and pedestrianized link that forms the backbone of the new urban plaza. Vertical circulation separates pedestrian movement from that of vehicular traffic.

New parkland converted from an old carpark establishes a civic space which is annexed to the plaza through a widened, shared-street containing multiple levels of retail program. Car parking is moved underground and routing is moved away from the center to further enhance the promenade. The built form is positioned above the central plaza to instigate growth in the population capacity for Epping and encourage activity in the epicenter.

This phase of the development of Epping signals a shift of scale towards urban, high-density built form which must integrate a diverse and complex range of site opportunities and constraints. A new east-west pedestrian link (the green spine) across the site underpins the open space strategy for the precinct.

Residential + retail + commercial + civic space
Winten property group
Epping, new south wales, Australia
Site area
14,106 m2

65,900 m2
154 m, 126 m, 73.3m / 48 l, 39 l, 22 l
949 units
Project $
AUD $321 m


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