The two towers of forty storeys crown the C30 multi-residential complex at the “Ripple Side” in Chengdu. The two towers sit on the peers of the man-made Luxe Lake of Wide Horizon Group, which sets high environmental and living standards for everyone involved.

The shore entrance

The pair of towers is organised by only three large apartments per floor, with two three-bedroom and one four-bedroom apartment facing the vast water landscapes. The mild climate allows their living rooms to connect seamlessly with the outdoor terraces

C30 fa├žade texture

The concept is driven by the formation of the water swell, which in nature carries the ripple energy over a considerable distance. XO Projects’ design reflects the lake’s presence with the liquified bodywork, which gradually undulates the balconies into the winter gardens. They slowly stretch along the vertical axis into the fabric of unrestrained vistas away from the shores. The seasonal change is absorbed by the array of operable doors and windows that negotiate the balance between the scenic view and the temperature comfort.

The crown of C30 multi-residential development

The building skin includes external lighting and adds an extra feature to the building fabric. The design allows a full cross-ventilation for the apartments and is completed with a palette of lasting materials. The porous ground floor brings the green and blue landscape into the building, where all communal amenities find their place. Canopies extend along the entire ground floor perimeter to complete a gradual inside-out transition.

Duo C30 illuminated

The project successfully parted the sales campaign, and the already commenced construction is set to be completed in 2026.


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