Carlsberg Experience


Carlsberg Experience is a large scale refurbishment project of a property belonging to Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen.

The design converts one of the first, original factory blocks into a multi-experience museum, office and presentation space, with future extensions proposed to extend into the urban surrounds and parks.

The Cloud presents itself as an overlay of the Carlsberg Experience Centre, where visitors immersion with physical objects on display (icons) within the building channels, finances and facilitates crowd-sourced, curated content around the world.

In order to enable the integration of form with function, the building utilizes a second ‘smart skin’ built into the building that is rich in use and design, and is materially and technologically advanced. Visitors could freely interact with the icons and the cloud through sound, touch and image, resulting in an interactive multimedia experience.

The renovation and modernization of the existing Brewery house, a protected industrial building, is a challenge in terms of how to both respect the monument and upgrade it to re-enforce, strengthen and further develop Carlsberg Groups presence in the site. The use of the ‘smart skin’ offers a highly flexible and easy to maintain prefabricated renovation solution. The skin can be applied to the walls, floors or ceilings, depending on the needs and possibilities of the building’s new functions.

Amsterdam based, Day and Ijsfontein were collaborative project partners.

museum + event space
Carlsberg group
Copenhagen, Denmark
Site area
950 m2
8500 m2

Project $
$24 m
competition (short listed)


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