Capital City Densities


Cities are reflections of societies built in time. Comparing city densities of their municipal and larger urban areas is to compare their collective understanding of what the cities should be. We compiled an overview of European, Asian and Australian cities.

The research project involved comparing the density and size of the centre of the city with the extended urban area that surrounds it. The analysis shows the tendencies for Australian capital cities to expand and ‘sprawl’ out from their urban centres.

The research compared Asian, Australian and European cities, illustrating the different planning strategies and macroeconomic differences between them. Australia has the lowest density ratio for the suburban municipal areas, Asian cities are dense and largest in size and capacity, while European cities are the most balanced in relation to the city and municipal urban areas. Major urban consolidation is still to happen within transitory cities of Asia, while Australian cities have to intensify the existing and stop any further territorial expansion.


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