XO Projects

XO Projects results from two offices – Elenberg Fraser, Melbourne and Elastik, Amsterdam – combining forces to realise a purpose and solution-driven practice while sustaining commercial and design credentials.

The partnership is the result of a systematic development process whereby the two studios collaborated on masterplanning, architectural and interior projects in Australia, Europe and Asia over several years.

Founded in 2016, XO Projects is a studio with legacy and momentum, with active large projects in Australia, China and Europe. XO Projects’ working method is synchronised with our clients’ imperatives. A studio that straddles research and a client-focused culture based within the beating heart of the world’s most dynamic urbanities.

Our process focuses on helping cities compete in the ‘experience economy’, which requires environments to stand out. We create extra ordinaries within cities. XO achieves this by combining craftsmanship, which is incremental in life, with the technologies that transform industry and human relations. A fusion that ensures places are homely and desirable, a built environment that talks to local traditions and the current marketplace of ideas. We are skilled at curating the local into the new, ensuring distinctiveness and warding off industrial sameness.

We design to empower our customers and enable cities to grow humanely and planet friendly.


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