XO Projects

 is a Melbourne-based architectural and urban design practice of international legacy, with active projects in Australia, Asia, and Europe that specialise in multi-residential and hospitality projects.

The company was established as a collaborative offset between Elenberg Fraser from Melbourne and Elastik from Amsterdam (Netherlands). With a collective history spanning multiple decades, both companies bring a wealth of experience to their respective domains, reflecting a rich and seasoned background in their areas of expertise.

Since its establishment, the office has focused on multi-residential and mixed-use projects, combining commercial, hospitality and residential developments. The most current architectural projects include two hotels and an office building in Melbourne, and a sizeable volume of multi-residential and commercial projects (retail and office) in China – over 450,000 sqm in total. Among them is the duo of 40-storeyed towers in Chengdu, scheduled for full completion in early 2026.

XO Projects’ reputation dwells on design excellence that grips the stakeholders’ expectations. The studio straddles research- and a client-focused culture with a thoughtfully appointed design process and clear business goals. Adding that little to that ordinary drives XO Projects’ ambition.

Hence the name.


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