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XO Projects is the result of two offices – Elenberg Fraser, Melbourne and Elastik, Amsterdam – combining forces to realise a practice with sustained commercial and design research credentials. The partnership is the result of a methodical development process whereby the two studios collaborated on masterplanning, architectural and interior projects in Australia, Europe and Asia over a three-year period.

XO Projects is a studio with legacy and momentum, with active large projects in Central / South East Asia, Europe and America.

XO Projects ‘working method is synchronized with our clients’ imperatives. A studio that straddles research and a client focused culture based within the beating heart of the world’s most dynamic urbanities.

Our process is focused on helping cities to compete in the ‘experience economy’, which requires environments to stand out.

A fusion that ensures places are homely and desirable; a built environment that talks to local traditions and to the current marketplace of ideas.

We are skilled at curating the local into the new, ensuring distinctiveness and warding off industrial sameness. We design products and solutions that empower our customers and enable cities to grow humanely.

We create the Extra Ordinaries within cities. XO achieves this by combining craftsmanship, what is incremental in life, with the technologies that transform industry and human relations.


There are many different kinds of architecture. All are necessary for a city to feel diverse and inclusive. Our mission is not to impose a singular agenda but to give form to the habits of place, so the qualities that make each culture subtly distinct is made tangible and desirable in new buildings.

At XO we believe that every city has a quality that makes people want to return. In the best cities this experience is felt on most street corners.

Then there are those places that have had their spirit pushed into line by too single a purpose. We do the work to unearth the latent desires within every place – no matter its current condition.

Our goal is to enable vision to collide with desire; business acumen with design capability.


Eriko Watanabe
Co-Founder and Director
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Japanese born Eriko Watanabe is the director of urban design. She completed her master’s degree at Tokyo metropolitan university and later at the Berlage institute in Rotterdam. Her focus is on principles of blending the urban and the architectural scale. Eriko watanabe is conducting the research of incentive development models at XO Projects.

Callum Fraser
Co-Founder and Director
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Australian born Callum Fraser, the director of XO Projects, is heading the commercial know-how at XO Projects. His degree has been obtained from RMIT in Melbourne. He has an extensive experience with high-rise multi-residential projects.

Igor Kebel
Co-Founder and Director
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Slovenian born Igor Kebel is the director of XO Projects. He has a degree from the University of Ljubljana and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Igor Kebel’s expertise is centred on the notion of the mixed use, the design efficiency and parametric sustainability.


O projects’ teams in Melbourne and Amsterdam are structured multidisciplinary, enabling us to practice on the one hand architecture, which is governed by city regimes and on the other hand urban design, which is fully supporting architectural instrumentalisation.
Masterplans for new townships, resorts or existing urban redefinitions are for us the evolutionary extension of our architectural engagements and the other way around.

Our projects are transformative and are covering multiple industry sectors, with the ongoing majority in the field of residential, hotel and mixed use.

These multiplicities are resulting in the practice that operates on various scales, whereby XO Projects covers them all with the same disciplinary rigour.
The deep understanding of both scales is allowing XO Projects to inclusively practice the business of an integrated design.

Design Thinking

XO Projects is practicing architecture that engages, transforms and uplifts the givens of urban, cultural and financial framework.

We understand cities as territories where urbanites meet and exchange around the notion of their shared interest.

Facilitating new solutions for these city dwellers, commuters and visitors is our focal points. We also understand architecture as an urban produce, whereby each of our building contributes an important piece to a breed of new urban fabric. Like industry of product design, each well design product is tailored for specific demand and for specific target group. All our buildings are intricately tailor made for a specific requirement of our clients and their respectful end users.

XO Projects is translating the invisible dialogues of content, form and money into the design method of diagram and parameter and data.

Architecture has been parametric for thousands of years, while the new design technologies are suddenly allowing us to expand the design process, emulate various scenarios in real time and measure the efficiency of the form.

With diagrammatic thinking, we allow the non-measurable realm of the imaginative and the experiential to lead the design process.

Since we use the data controlling tools, we can ensure that the measurable realm of financing and materiality can lock the design result.

Collaborative Design

XO Projects’ design mind-set is collaborative, allowing to practice as a single call agency, which yields in integral project results.

The design process is managed around the different modes of collaborative stages with involved stakeholders, industry experts, consultants and local specialists.

XO Projects manages design process that provides greater quality and efficiency control, while fostering innovative spatial and material solutions for the end users to experience. By adopting the advance parametric techniques, xo project resonates to a frontier design methodology which is highly effective for solving the complexity of digital fabrication, affording new modes of efficiency solutions and coordinating with the collaborators in the design and construction process. The advantage of such practices allows us to synchronize the fast pace of current technology evaluation and foresee the trends in architecture.

Incentifying model

It is the capital that drives the 21st century city development.
As the state funded realm is globally contracting and instead supplemented with the private expansion, the design strategies of the collective realities are being redefined.

XO Projects has an extensive knowledge of the development based on the incentive policy.

Incentive based developments proliferate private funding in the public realm and the reciprocal development gains, both for the investors, for the city and its users.
You get what you give.


XO Projects is methodological about the sustainable design and development. The irreversible forces that are transforming the environment of our planet are one of the most important sources for XO Projects’ design standards.

Our design focus is carefully balancing the economics with the ecology of the environmental impact.


When vacancies arise, we are always looking for smart, academic and creative people to join our team in Melbourne. Exceptional architects, visionary urban designers and talented individuals for a long term commitment and career development are our main priorities.
With projects in Asia/Australia, Europe and the US, we are invitingly open to people that appreciate team based work, friendly, international and ambitious atmosphere, with focus on knowledge development and career planning.


3/160 Queen Street,
3000 Victoria, Australia
T. +61 3 9993 9004
E: office@xo-projects.com

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